Mijas Town Village Malaga


Mijas one of the main beautiful white villages, without forgetting its coastal area full of life and joy in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

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Monda Town Village Malaga


Monda, a white town that with its castle, its views, its gastronomy and its history create a perfect combination for a great visit.

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Nerja Town Village Malaga


Nerja with its beaches, caves, views, old town, charming squares … has all the elements of Malaga to be one of the most charming towns.

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Ojen Town Village Malaga


White town that watches over the coast of Marbella from the mountain, where a walk through the caves and a glass of aguardiente are tradition.

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Parauta Town Village Malaga


White village and homeland of Omar Ben Hafsún nestled among chestnut trees make this place a perfect fall photograph.

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Pujerra Town Village Malaga


Pujerra, a town surrounded by the orange color of chestnuts trees in autumn where the legend of the Visigoth King Wamba lives on.

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Riogordo Town Village Malaga


Riogordo, a town surrounded and embraced by the tranquility of its mountains where the perfect trails reign to enjoy nature.

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Sayalonga Town Village Malaga


Sayalonga, the medlar paradise, its Arab past is shown in the narrow streets and white houses highlighting its peculiar cemetery.

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Sedella Town Village Malaga


Sedella, a white village in the Axarquia part of the Mudejar Route where its streets and mosaics take you to an Arab past.

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Teba Town Village Malaga


Teba, the town embraced by the soul of the Scottish knight Sir James Douglas who died in battle at the foot of the Castle of the Star.

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Tolox Town Village Malaga


Tolox, surrounded by rivers and mountains of the Sierra de Nieves creates a perfect environment where nature joins tradition and hospitality.

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Totalan Town Village Malaga


Totalán, a white village in Axarquía, where the raisin route crosses the land where the great flamenco singer Antonio Molina was born.

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Viñuela Village Malaga


La Viñuela, a beautiful white village in the Axarquia noted for its large reservoir that supplies the region and offers aquatic leisure.

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Yunquera Town Village Malaga


Yunquera, a charming white village of the Sierra de Las Nieves where the story of Blessed Juan Duarte leaves no one indifferent.

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