Macharaviaya Town Village Malaga


Macharaviaya, a village in the Axarquia linked to the history of the United States through the spirit of the Gálvez family.

Where is Macharaviaya located

Macharaviaya is located 28km from Malaga capital with a population of 480 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 7,24Km square.

The origin of the name Macharaviaya

The name of the town comes from Arabic origin since it was a “mashar” a farmhouse, “Machar Ibn Yahya“, therefore the Farmhouse of Ibn Yahya.

Demonym of the people of Macharaviaya

The inhabitants are called “macharatungo or macharatunga”.

Monuments and places of interest in Macharaviaya 

  • Church of San Jacinto: The church was ordered to be built on the site of the old 16th century church by Carlos III and José de Gálvez in 1785. The temple was built in a classicist baroque style from Malaga. Under the temple is the crypt of the Gálvez family. We highlight the neoclassical doorway of the entrance in red and ocher colors that stands out from the rest of the building. Formed by a semicircular arch supported by four Corinthian columns. In the middle we will find the shield of Carlos III. This site has become an instagrammable place in the province.
    Church San Jacinto Macharaviaya Malaga
  • Crypt and mausoleum of the Gálvez family: the crypt is accessible from the cemetery. Built under the Church of San Jacinto in 1785 by the Gálvez family to bury the family’s deceased. Originating in Cordoba, the Gálvezes were an illustrious family that drove the village’s growth in the 15th century. In the eighteenth century, the family played an important role in the crown of Spain, contributing five statesmen who performed great tasks in the service of the crown.Crypt and mausoleum of the Gálvez family Macharaviaya Malaga
  • Museum of the Gálvez
  • 18th century temple at the entrance of the cityTemple Familia Galvez Macharaviaya
  • Birthplace of the poet Salvador Rueda (In Benaque)
  • Fountain del HornoFountain del Horno Macharaviaya Malaga
  • Miliary: This milestone is the only one that remains of those that marked the roads of the 18th century. This road was built by prisoners. The road that passed through the town was of great importance since it is the place where the cards that were manufactured in the Royal Macharaviaya Playing Card Factory were exported to the Americas.
    Miliary Macharaviaya Malaga
  • Old playcard factory: It was founded by the Royal Certificate of Carlos III in 1776. Currently the factory is divided into several private properties. Macharaviaya had a monopoly on the manufacture of playing cards with the Americas and India. The paper for playing cards was manufactured in the river Arroyo de la Miel batanes, which was owned by Félix Solesio, manager of the Royal Playing Card Factory.
    Old Playcard Factory Macharaviaya Malaga

For more information about Macharaviaya Village: visit the City Council page