Alfarnatejo Town Village Malaga


Alfarnatejo, a town in the Axarquía located between the Vilo, Gallo and Chamizo peaks, thus highlighting an indefinable landscape location. The region’s nickname is “Los Pirineos de de Sur” making this town a great attraction for hiking lovers.

Where is Alfarnatejo located

Alfarnatejo is located 50km from Malaga capital with a population of 377 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 20,4km square.

The origin of the name Alfarnatejo

Alfarnatejo comes from the Arabic “Al-farnat” which means “flour mill”.

Denonym of the people of Alfarnatejo

The inhabitants are called “alfarnatejano or alfarnatejana”, or also “tejón or tejóna”.

Monuments and places of interest in Alfarnatejo

  • Church of Santo Cristo de Cabrilla: The temple is a reconstruction of the second half of the 18th century. It is the most notable building in town, the facade and tower were built of brick.Church Santo Cristo de Cabrilla Alfarnatejo Malaga
  • Bridge over the river Sábar:Located just outside the town is this small stone bridge of Al-Andalus origin over the river Sábar. Centuries ago it was an important bridge for communication with nearby towns. It is believed to be of great importance since its width allowed the passage of carriages, which benefited the economy of the Axarquía. The bridge is formed by two arches with a central pylon totally built of brick. The bridge is in a state of great erosion and we hope that there will soon be a restoration plan for this little gem from the Al-Andalus era.Al-Andalus Bridge Alfarnatejo Malaga
  • Fuente del Conejo: The natural spring is located next to the Al-Andalus bridge over the river Sábar. It is composed of a basin divided into three parts that can be used as a laundry or trough for livestock.Conejo Fountain Alfarnatejo Malaga
  • Miguel Alba Luque Municipal Park: Park with trees that has petanque courts, with machines to exercise or play table tennis with views over the mountains.Park Miguel Alba Luque Alfarnatejo Malaga

Where to eat and drink in Alfarnatejo

  • Los Pirineos Restaurant: Since 1983 in the heart of the village. Good value for money homemade meals and grilled meats. The restaurant has a terrace with good views over the mountains. Ask for the menu of the day at 9.50€ consisting of 3 courses, bread and a drink.Restaurant Los Pirineos Alfarnatejo Malaga

For more information about Alfarnatejo: visit the City Council page