Montejaque Village Malaga


Montejaque, a white village sunk in the beauty of nature offered by the mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park

Where is Montejaque

Montejaque is located 120km from Malaga capital with a population of 964 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 43Km square.

Origin of the name Montejaque

The name is of Arabic origin “Monte-Xaquez” which means “lost mountain“.

Denonym of the people of Montejaque

The inhabitants are called “Montejaqueño or Montejaqueña”.

Monuments and places of interest in Montejaque

  • Church of Santiago el Mayor: Built in the 15th century after the Christian conquest of La Serranía de Ronda. The temple is divided into three naves separated by arches. In the central nave is the main altar where the image of the Immaculate, the patron saint of the town, is located. The remaining naves contain chapels presided over by the Crucified Christ on the left and a chapel dedicated to the Apostle Santiago on the right.Iglesia de Santiago el Mayor Montejaque Malaga
  • Hundidero Cave
  • Montejaque Dam
  • Old Public Laundry: Women used to come to this public space to wash their clothes. The soap was made at home from used oils mixed with water and caustic soda. To transport all the utensils and dirty clothes, they carried the bread basket on their head with all the materials inside, said bread basket could weigh up to 15kg. To whiten clothes, ash detergent was used, which is a liquid mixture obtained by mixing distilled water and burnt wood ash together with vegetable oil.Lavandero Publico Montejaque Malaga
  • Centro de Interpretación de Espeleología: Interpretive center and information point that will help and give information about the mountains in the area. In this center you can learn about the formations and erosions that have created karst landscapes, caves, cliffs and ravines. The fauna and flora along with the landscape offered by the area is an ideal place for nature lovers.Centro de Interpretación de la Espeleologia Montejaque Malaga
  • Fuente Nueva: New fountain, One of the most important monuments of the town since the water from this source was the sustenance of many generations, and the local economy. Historically it was located on the outskirts of town in the Nasrid neighborhood. Although the inscription establishes 1870, the fountain is much older, taking advantage of the water from the old fountain that is located on a higher level.Fuente Nueva Montejaque Malaga

For more information about Montejaque Village: visit the City Council page