Casabermeja Village Malaga


Casabermeja, the town where the dead are buried standing … recite poems in the cemetery … and light torches to remember their deceased.

Where is Casabermeja located

Casabermeja is located 28km from Malaga capital with a population of 26.259 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 105,10km square.

The origin of the name Casabermeja

The name of the town comes from arabic “Casr Bermeja” which means Castle Bermeja.

Denonym of the people of Casabermeja

The inhabitants are called “Casabermejeños” or “Bermejos”.

Where to park in Casabermeja

The town center has very steep slopes, therefore it is recommended to park on the outskirts of town especially if you are not used to parking on steep slopes.

Monuments and places of interest in Casabermeja

  • Cementery of  San Sebastián: The Casabermeja cemetery is declared a National Monument and a Site of Cultural Interest. During All Saints’ Day a poetry event called «Verses to bury the summer» is organized, together with a traditional torch lighting and a guided night tour. Before the event, the local women whiten the niches and decorate the graves with flowers. They say that in Casabermeja the dead are buried standing up, because from a distance it seems that the niches are vertical due to their architectural construction. This cemetery stands out for the whiteness of the limestone that fills the enclosure with a lot of light that, together with its vegetation and gardens, make this monument a place of romantic appreciation.
  • Church Nuestra Señora del Socorro: Its dating dates back to 1550, but due to modifications in the 18th and 19th centuries, not much remains of the original elements.
  • Zambra Tower: Four kilometers from the town there is an Arab watchtower from the 13th century. This tower is located at 913m height that serves as an incredible viewpoint where you can get wide views of the province of Málaga and Granada. It is accessed from the MA-3101 road where you can park your car, but bear in mind that afterwards you have to do a light hiking route of approximately 45 minutes.Zambra Tower Casabermeja
  • Museo-Taller de Cerámica de Casabermeja: It is a center and museum dedicated to pottery. It has an exhibition of ceramic pieces from around the world. Amongst this we highlight a piece from the 9th century of Bolivian origin. In this workshop they carry out courses and formations about andalusian pottery.
    Ceramic Museum-Workshop Casabermeja
  • Peñas de Cabrera: It is a prehistoric site with a series of cave paintings and engravings. It is a set of 35 paintings and engravings divided into 22 caves (You don’t have to go in the caves to see them). It is located 4 km from the town, its access is at kilometer 3 on the road to Colmenar.
  • Toro de Osborne: This monument you will find at the entrance of the town, this is one of the three Osborne bulls in the province of Malaga. You can approach it with the car and it serves as an amazing viewpoint to see the whole town of Casabermeja.Osborne Bull Casabermeja Malaga
  • Villa Romana Cortijo Robledo:Villa Romana Cortijo Robledo Casabermeja Malaga

For more information about Casabermeja Pueblo: visit the City Council page