Benamargosa Town Malaga


Benamargosa a white village wich is a privileged area of the Axarquía for its tropical fruits that influences its gastronomy.

Where is Benamargosa located

Benamargosa is located 49km from Malaga capital with a population of 1.514 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 12,12km square.

The origin of the name Benamargosa

Until now it has not been possible to find out its meaning, the prefix <Ben> or <Bena> means lineage, family or population of the founder.Benamargosa Welcome Sign Pueblo Malaga

Denonym of the people of Benamargosa

The inhabitants are called “benamargoseño or benamargoseña”, or also “mangurrino or mangurrina”.

Curiosities about Benamargosa

  • The town is popularly known as “Little Gibraltar”, since in former times a large part of the population was dedicated to smuggling tobacco from Gibraltar.
  • The municipal term is located in a valley and landscape of orchards of subtropical crops where Hass avocados, Osteen mangoes, Fino lemons, muscatel grapes or custard apples are grown, which flood the area.

Monuments and places of interest in Benamargosa

  • Church of Encarnación: Built in the 16th century on an old mosque. Formed by three naves and an octagonal tower. The church located in the lower part of the town is the oldest building in the town. Below the church there is a crypt from the time when the temple was built.Church of Benamargosa Malaga
  • Arcos de la Huerta: As in all the towns of the province, throughout the centuries the cultivation in the orchards and the water supply for it were of great importance. This construction was of great importance to supply water to the crops, this wide wall was built as an aqueduct to guide the water. The date of construction is not known exactly, but we can perhaps place it in the first half of the 19th century by observing its construction technique.Orchard Arch Benamargosa Malaga
  • Fountain Arcos de la Huerta: Lateral part of the aqueduct has been transformed into a water fountain to highlight the importance of water in the area to supply the subtropical trees in the area.Fountain of the Orchard Arch Malaga
  • El puente de los diez ojos: “Bridge of the ten eyes”, a bridge built over the Benamargosa river that was of great importance to expand the town and its subtropical fruit agriculture.Bridge of the Ten Eyes Benamargosa Malaga
  • Hermitage of the cemetery: Located at the entrance to the town’s cemetery. The chapel is a simple traditional construction like many Malaga hermitages. This building was ordered to be built in 1840 by the widow Doña María de Santiago to bury her husband inside.Hermitage of the Cementary Benamargosa Malaga
  • Hermitage of San Sebastian: Located in Calle Ermita, the upper part and outside the town. The temple was recently built and houses inside the image of the Virgen de la Purísima.Hermitage of San Sebastian Benamargosa Malaga
  • Andalucía Park: Located next to the municipal swimming pool. A lovely park with trees, fountains and a children’s playground.Andalusian Park Benamargosa Malaga
  • Fountains

Gastronomy of Benamargosa

Baticate: A refreshing milkshake based on avocados with cinnamon. (See recipe)

Receta Baticate Batido de Aguacate Benarmargosa


For more information about Benamargosa Village: visit the City Council page