Estepona Town Village Malaga


Estepona captivates with its historic center, its squares, fabulous beaches and the decoration of plants along its traditional streets.

Where is Estepona located

Estepona is located 91km from Malaga capital with a population of 68.268 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 137,5km square.

Origin of the name Estepona

There are several theories:

  • The name comes from the Arabic Estebbuna, which to this day is unknown what it means.
  • The Phoenicians called this trade area Astaba, Astabbuna or Alexthebuna.

Demonym of the people  of Estepona

The inhabitants are called “Esteponero or Esteponera”.

Monuments and places of interest in Estepona

  • The Corominas Dolmens: A unique and wonderful place in Europe where you can visit, contemplate and learn about five dolmens with more than twenty burials in perfect condition, real objects, jewels and gadgets that have survived in an extraordinary way to this day. Here you will learn, you will be surprised and will change your way of thinking about the prehistory.Dolmens Corominas Estepona Malaga
  • Lighthouse Punta Doncella: The original circular tower was built between the years 1861-1863 by the engineer Antonio Molina, the tower measured 8 meters and the span reached 12 nautical miles. To make the light more visible, the current tower was built in 1922 with an octagonal plan of carved stone, with the new tower of 22 meters the light reaches 18 nautical miles.  Lighthouse Punta Doncella Estepona Malaga
  • Castillo de San Luis: Ruins of a fortress dating from the 16th century of which only about a sixth of the original building remains. It was built in order to strengthen the area and give security to the villagers. It was hidden for many centuries by urban expansion, but excavations are currently being carried out to recover this heritage and turn it into a cultural space,
  • Villa Romana de Las Torres: Located in Punta de Guadalmansa (Calle Sefardí). Archaeological site of a stately Roman villa discovered in 1915 by Martínez Oppelt, in 1929 the estate was dated between the 1st and 2nd centuries. On the site objects of the time such as mosaics, coins of various emperors such as Hadrian and Vespasian, marble sculptures were found. Aside from a home, studies reveal that it would also be used as a factory for fish products, such as garum sauce made from fermented fish viscera.
  • Guadalmansa Watch Tower: Estepona has 7 towers forming part of the line of fortification and surveillance system of the Mediterranean coast of Malaga. The Torre de Guadalmansa is the only tower with a square plan in the province. It is built in masonry with bricks from the Sierra de Bermeja, reaching a height of 14 meters high and its sides measure 6.55 meters. The tower is located in a place by the sea, with gardens and the Roman villa being a privileged place.
  • Clock Tower: Built in the 16th century, it was part of the Church of Los Remedios that was destroyed by the Earthquake in 1755 of which only the tower remained. The neoclassical salmon-colored bell tower gives a charm to the square that bears the same name, which contains a stage-musical venue where musical and cultural events are held.Clock Tower Estepona Malaga
  • Hermitage of San Isidro: Next to the dolmens of Estepona is located in the Parque de los Pedregales a hermitage inaugurated on May 7, 1989, with an architectural style different from the hermitages of the province of Malaga. In this area the pilgrimage of San Isidro is celebrated every May, which is the patron saint of the town of Estepona.Hermitage San Isidro Estepona Malaga
  • Watchtower El Saladillo: A beacon tower from the 16th century in order to defend the coasts against North African pirates. The tower measures 11 meters in height and 23 meters in perimeter.Torre Vigia del Saladillo Estepona Malaga

Leisure in Estepona

  • Orchid House: Right in the center is the largest orchid garden in Spain with more than 1000 square meters. With around 5,000 plants and more than 1,300 species of orchids, the three glass domes, a 15-meter waterfall and a lake turn this place into a Zen garden of total relaxation.Orquideario Orchidarium Estepona Malaga
  • Selwo Adventure Park: A zoo with more than 100 hectares and 2000 animals. This theme park offers safaris to get to know the animals up close. In addition, with its restaurants, leisure area and its Selwo hotel you will get a unique experience.

For more information about Estepona Village: visit the City Council page