Sedella Town Village Malaga


Sedella, a white village in the Axarquia part of the Mudejar Route where its streets and mosaics take you to an Arab past.

Where is Sedella located 

Sedella is located 62km from Malaga capital with a population of 606 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 31,62km square.

Denonym of the people of Sedella

The inhabitants are called “sedellano or sedellana”.

Monuments and places of interest in Sedella

  • Torreon House: Casa Torreón is the most singular and emblematic building in the town. It dates from the 16th century. It is the former home of the Mayor of Los Donceles, named Don Diego Fernández de Córdoba, who was granted the title of Señorío de Sedella as compensation for services rendered to the Crown of Castile. The house preserves a square Mudejar-style tower decorated with paintings and sgraffito in Moorish aesthetics.  Casa Torreón Sedella Malaga
  • Parish Church of San Andrés: The temple is located in the highest part of the village. Built in the 16th century after the reconquest of the Axarquia. We highlight its square tower built in two parts finished with an octagonal roof.
  • Hermitage of the Virgen de la Esperanza: formerly they threshed with mules
  • Ruins of the fortress
  • Public laundries: Located at the entrance of the town, a large laundry room that historically was a social meeting place where people washed their clothes.Lavadero Publico Sedella Malaga
  • Sedella Roman Bridge

For more information about Sedella Village: visit the City Council page