Juzcar Town Village Malaga


Júzcar known worldwide as the Smurf Village but this town has much more to offer than the color blue, its a small town in the Serranía of Ronda with great history and interest in the world of mycology.

Where is Júzcar located

Júzcar is located 117km from Malaga capital with a population of 253 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 33Km square.

The origin of the name Júzcar

Until now we do not know the origin of the name Júzcar, if you have more information about the origin of the name send us an email.

Demonym of the people of Júzcar

The inhabitants are called “juzcareño or juzcareña”.

Monuments and places of interest in Júzcar

  • Church of Santa Catalina: Located in the Plaza de la Virgen de Moclón in the center of the town. The temple was built in the 16th century, built on a rectangular floor plan with simple architecture. During the 18th century, the image of Moclón was moved from the deserted village Moclón, which is currently abandoned, and was brought to this temple.Church Santa Catalina Júzcar
  • The Giant Smurfs: During the tour to the town you will find three giant Smurfs to take photos. You will find Papa Smurf, Smurfette the Brainy Smurf. They are located at: The entrance of the town, the church and Calle Alcalde Diego Fernández.Smurfs Juzcar Smurf Village Spain Malaga
  • Mycological Museum of Júzcar: A museum and interpretation center about the world of mushrooms. The visitor can enjoy and learn through banners, models and photographs related to the mycological world.Mycological Museum of Júzcar
  • La Real Fábrica de Hojalata de San Miguel
  • El Torcal de los Riscos
  • El Puente del MolinoBridge Molino Júzcar
  • El castañar del Genal
  • The MillsThe mills Júzcar
  • Almáchar Fountain: The fountain is located next to an important road that connects the town with Estepona. The fountain was renovated for the last time in 1977 but, like the other fountains in the town, they have supplied water to the residents and animals for centuries.
    Fountain Almachar Júzcar
  • Fuente la Chorrera: Located in the lower neighborhood of the village. It collects the water from a spring and stores it in a rectangular cistern together with two small basins on both sides that are sometimes used as a drinking trough. The rainwater is filtered through the cracks in the limestone rocks of the Sierra del Oreganal just like in the other sources of the town.Fuente La Chorrera Júzcar Malaga

Where to eat in Júzcar

  • Hotel Bandolero: This hotel-restaurant is located at the entrance of the village. The hotel has cozy and clean rooms. The restaurant has good quality dishes with abundant quantities. We highlight the roast pork tenderloin with chestnut cream.Hotel Restaurante Bandolero Juzcar Malaga

For more information about Júzcar Village: visit the City Council page