Monda Town Village Malaga


Monda, a white town that with its castle, its views, its gastronomy and its history create a perfect combination for a great visit.

Where is Monda located

Monda is located 46km from Malaga capital with a population of 2.594  inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 58Km square.

Denonym of the people of Monda

The inhabitants are called “mondeño or mondeña“.

Monument and places of interest in Monda

  • Al-Mundat Fortress: Fortress of Islamic origin built on the hill that is called the villeta. The construction was carried out by the Muladi Omar Ben Hafsún. During the following centuries, refortification and reforms were carried out by the Almohads and the Nasrids of the Kingdom of Granada. In 1485 the castle was peacefully reconquered by Christian forces at the hands of the Catholic Monarchs. After the rebellion of the Alpujarras 1568-1569 the fortress was burned and destroyed by the rebellious Moors. Currently it has been renovated into a charming hotel called Hotel Castillo de Monda.
  • Calvary monument: This is the place where the thrones of the Virgin Mary and the Crucified Christ are carried accompanied by the neighbors who light the way with candles and prayers. This construction was built in the 18th century by a privileged family from Málaga, the Cózar family, after a trip to the area.Calvary Monument Monda
  • Fountain “De la Jaula”: Water has always been of great importance in the town, especially in the Muslim era. Several sources of this era are conserved: the “Villa”, the “Meamea”, the “Esquina” and the “Jaula”. Of all these sources, the most prominent is La Cage, which comes from “Al-Haura” which means source “from the outskirts”. The water from this source was used to irrigate through the ditches and to supply the population with water. In the stones you can see the wear caused by the friction of the jars and vessels. In its later reforms, it was transformed into a public laundry and is considered one of the most charming monuments in the town.Fountain de la Jaula Monda
  • Lavatory “De la Jaula”: The water that comes from the Fuente de la Jaula is used in the last century to supply the remaining water to a public laundry that has been a great meeting point and social life in the town. The laundry room with a roof was built in 1868 where we highlight its arches and its large marble cross.  Lavatory de la Jaula Monda
  • Church of Santiago ApóstolChurch Santiago Apóstol Monda
  • Charcoal burner monument Monumento Charcoal Burner Monda
  • Roman road and Roman bridge
  • Hermitage of San Roque
  • Mari Gloria Tapia House-Museum: In the center is this traditional and rural Malaga house from the early twentieth century. The house is characterized by its whitewashed walls, balconies and facades with flower pots, and the roof with Moorish tiles. Decades ago the house was a bakery where traditional breads and sweets were made where you can still see the tools that were used to make these products, turning this exhibition into a house-museum of Mondeño customs and traditions.Museum House Mari Gloria Tapia Monda
  • Monumento to Cristóbal Jiménez EncinaSculpture Cristóbal Jiménez Encina Monda

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