Colmenar Town Village


Colmenar, a white village in the Axarquía in the heart of the Montes de Málaga. Its historical economy was fundamentally wine and honey.

Where is Colmenar located

Colmenar is located 36km from Malaga capital with a population of 3.367 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 66km square.

Origin of the name Colmenar

In 1487 the village Colmenar (translated beehive) was made up of five farmhouses, including a farmhouse called <Colmenar> as it housed many beehives. Its name refers to the bee hives that were the basis of the local economy for a long time in the area.

Denonym of the poeple of Colmenar

The inhabitants are called “tinajero or tinajera“.

Monuments and places of interest of Colmenar

  • Hermitage of CandelariaHermitage of Candelaria Colmenar Malaga
  • Church of AsunciónChurch of Asunción Colmenar Malaga
  • Puerta de la Cruz: At the main entrance of the town there is a monolith with the town’s heraldic shield that contains an image of a beehive and seven bees flying over it, representing the importance of honey in the region. Another image represents the handover of the town on May 25, 1488 to Christian hands under the motto “Recio y Noble” that means “Strong and noble”.Puerta de la Cruz Entrance Colmenar Malaga
  • Honey Museum: This museum is of great importance in the world of bees and apiculture with a dimension of 400 square meters that in turn houses the Malagueña Association of Beekeepers that was the promoter of this project. The museum has large-scale hives, with information panels on honey production and the bee cycle. Explaining in detail the work that bees do to make the delicious honey from the Malaga area.Honey Museum Colmenar Malaga
  • Yacimientos arqueológicos
  • Monument of Don Alfonso Molina PadillaMonument Don Alfonso Molina Padilla Colmenar Malaga

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