Genalguacil Town Village Malaga


Genalguacil is a town-museum. Its works of art and traditional Malaga beauty make this town a jewel within the Genal Valley. Discover this beautiful town in the Genal Valley that houses and integrates more than 200 works of art in its streets and in its architecture. Every street and corner has become an open-air museum of contemporary art thanks to its Encuentros de Arte editions since 1994.

Where is Genalguacil located

Genalguacil is located 122km from Malaga capital with a population of 410 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 31,8km square.

Origin of the name Genalguacil

The origin of the name comes from the Arabic “Genna–Ahuacir” which means <Gardens of the Vizier>. A vizier is the Minister of a Muslim sovereign.

Gentilicio of Genalguacil

The inhabitants are called “genalguacileño or genalguacileña”.

Monuments and places of interest in Genalguacil

  • Church of San Pedro de Varona: The temple was built in the 17th century. The primitive church built in the 16th century was burned and destroyed during the Moorish rebellion in 1570. Its tower and octangular plan with its reddish roof stand out from the church.Church of San Pedro de Varona Genalguacin
  • Permanent Museum of Art meetings in the Genal ValleyArte Pueblo Museo Genalguacil Malaga
  • Contemporary Art Museum Genalguacil  MAC: Contemporary art museum that includes an exhibition of works of art that are the result of the “Art Encounters” that have been held for the last 25 years in the town of Genalguacil. A modern museum with three exhibition rooms that exposes the connection between Genalguacil and modern art.Contemporary Art Museum Genalguacil
  • Donkey FountainDonkey Fountain Genalguacil Malaga
  • Fuente AltaFuente Alta Genalguacil Malaga
  • Fuente BajaFuente Baja Genalguacil Malaga

For more information about Genalguacil Pueblo : visit the City Council page