Canillas del Aceituno Town Village Malaga

Canillas de Aceituno

Canillas del Aceituno located on the slope of the Sierra Tejada, its Mudejar route and the El Saltillo bridge are mandatory attractions.

Where is Canillas de Aceituno located

Canillas de Aceituno is located 54km from Malaga capital with a population of 1.677 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 42km square.

Origin of the name Canillas de Aceituno

The origin of the name is composed of two words “Canillas” which has Roman-Visigothic origin and means “area rich in numerous reed beds” and by the word “Aceituno” which comes from the Arabic “Azzeytum” which refers to the production and sale of silk called “Azzeytum“.

Denonym people of Canillas de Aceituno

The inhabitants are called “canillero or canillera”.

Monuments and places of interest in Canillas de Aceituno

  • El Saltillo Bridge: It is a suspension bridge inaugurated in 2020. The spectacular bridge measures 50 meters in length that connects the municipalities of Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella. It is the third longest suspension bridge in Spain and is part of the Great Path of Malaga. The bridge is located on a hiking trail of around 8KM, it is not recommended to go with children, pets and also avoid people with vertigo.
  • Consistorial HouseCasa Consistorial Ayuntamiento Canillas de Aceituno
  • House de los Diezmos: House of Tithes but also called the house of the Moorish Queen. It is a building that is located next to the town hall. It is a Mudejar building highlighting the Mudejar architecture in Axarquía. A tower with arches of the Mudejar style is preserved. In this place the sale and production of mulberry leaf and silkworms was controlled. Its construction is made of red brick, but currently hidden and covered by lime. The name Tithe comes from the tribute “Tithe” which corresponds to the payment of one tenth of what was sold.Casa de los Diezmos Canillas de Aceituno
  • Church of Nuestra Señora del RosarioIglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario Canillas de Aceituno
  • Castle Ruins
  • Bridge El Saltillo
  • FountainAljibe Fuente Canillas de Aceituno
  • Antonio de Canillas MonumentAntonio de Canillas de Aceituno
  • Medieval cisternAljibe Arabe Canillas de Aceituno

For more information about Canillas de Aceituno: visit the City Council page