Algatocin Village


Algatocín located in the Genal Valley offers a great peace of nature with numerous rural accommodations, campsites and hiking routes.

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Arriate Town Village


Arriate, a beautiful village surrounded by the mountains of Ronda, with a curious history of independence and where traditions are preserved.

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Atajate Dorp Malaga


What to visit in Atajate? A white charming village within the Genal Valley, where tranquility and rural tourism reign.

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Benaojan Town Village Malaga


Benaoján, a village located in a privileged place in the Sierra de Grazalema where its large caves are a delight for its visitors.

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Cartajima Village Town Malaga


Cartajima, white village in the Genal Valley where gastronomy and hiking trails stand out, along with its copper forest in the fall.

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Gaucin Town Village Malaga


Gaucín, the white beauty of its streets does not leave any visitor indifferent. The town offers all kinds of tourism just a step away from the popular Costa del Sol.

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Igualeja Village Malaga Source


Igualeja, a hidden gem in the heart of the Serranía de Ronda where the Genal river rises, transforming the town as if it were an aquatic paradise.

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Jubrique Town Village Malaga


Jubrique located and surrounded by the beauty and green landscape of the Genal Valley, where the tradition is the production of aguardiente.

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Juzcar Town Village Malaga


Júzcar known worldwide as the Smurf Village but this town has much more to offer than the color blue, a traditional village with history.

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Parauta Town Village Malaga


White village and homeland of Omar Ben Hafsún nestled among chestnut trees make this place a perfect fall photograph.

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Pujerra Town Village Malaga


Pujerra, a town surrounded by the orange color of chestnuts trees in autumn where the legend of the Visigoth King Wamba lives on.

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Ronda Pueblo Ciudad Malaga


Ronda a magical city divided between its old town and modern nucleus by its majestic and spectacular bridge.

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