Welcome to Inside Malaga

Our page was created in 2020, in order to promote everything that the province of Malaga offers. We love to explore, discover new places and above all learn about the culture of Malaga and its traditions. Our goal is to try to get to know and live all possible experiences and then promote local tourism.

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Our cards

Wherever we go our cards come with us! They are our first creation and we use them to make our page known to all of Malaga and its surroundings. Rather, wherever we have been, be it a Hotel, B&B, Restaurant or monument, we always leave a card behind.

Meaning of the colors

All the towns on our website have an assigned color, the same as on our map-flyer. We have assigned a color to each of the nine regions of the province of Malaga in order to make it easier to locate in the province and find information on each region.

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Our brochures and maps

The first thing a visitor needs is to locate himself and information about the province. Our triptychs offer a map by area, or rather, divided by region so that the visitor knows what is nearby to visit. Our triptych contains a universal language and language with QR codes for each region.

Advertise on our website

Every week our visits increase considerably on our website and social networks. If you want to advertise your business to attract customers who visit your region, Inside Malaga is the right place to make yourself known even more. Get in touch to appear on our page and social networks.

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We sponsor sport and cultural events

Inside Málaga wants to make itself known every day and to get information about the province to its inhabitants and visitors. To do this, we sponsor events where many spectators gather, such as sporting and cultural events. If you organize an event, have a cultural organization or a sports club, contact us to collaborate together.