Jubrique Town Village Malaga


Jubrique located and surrounded by the beauty and green landscape of the Genal Valley, where the tradition is the production of aguardiente.

Where is Jubrique located

Jubrique is located 125km from Malaga capital with a population of 528 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 39 Km square.

Origin of the name Jubrique

The origin of the town’s name comes from Arabic and probably comes from the word ‘Iuber‘ which means “place of abundance” or perhaps from “Lubar” which means “place of brilliance“.

Denonym of the poeple of Jubrique

The inhabitants are called “jubriqueño or jubriqueña”.

Monuments and places of interest in Jubrique

  • Church of San Francisco de AsísIglesia de San Francisco de Asis Jubrique Malaga
  • Hermitage of Castañuelo: Located just outside the village. Built in the 17th century on the old road that linked Jubrique with Estepona. The hermitage built in an octagonal shape with a porch of pilasters. The interior houses an altar with a green cross that was saved during a fire during the Spanish Civil War. According to legend, the cross was saved thanks to the intervention of a neighbor. From the viewpoint of the hermitage you can see the town of Jubrique and the valley formed by the Monardilla river.Ermita de Castañuelo Jubrique Malaga
  • Hermitage of Santa Cruz del Chorrillo: The hermitage located on the outskirts of the town on a hill. Built in the 19th century, despite the fact that its construction is very similar to the Castañuelo hermitage, this hermitage is larger with a circular floor plan with a diameter of 3 meters. Its interior houses the image of the Virgin of Fatima. Legend has it that a headless priest appeared in this place since he was buried in this place with his head under the hermitage and his body outside it. A pilgrimage is held here on May 13. The hermitage can be accessed by car.Ermita de Santa Cruz del Chorrillo Jubrique Malaga
  • Alambique de AguardienteAlambique Aguardiente Jubrique Malaga
  • Barrio de LunaresBarrio de Lunares Jubrique Malaga
  • Enchanted CornerRincon Encantado Jubrique Malaga
  • Pozuela FountainFuente de la Pozuela Jubrique Malaga

For more information about Jubrique Village: visit the City Council page