Teba Town Village Malaga


Teba, the town embraced by the soul of the Scottish knight Sir James Douglas who died in battle at the foot of the Castle of the Star.

Where is Teba located

Teba is located 71km from Malaga capital with a population of 3.760 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 143km square. 

Origin of the name of Teba

The name comes from the Castle that during the Muslim occupation was called “Hisn Atiba” or “Hisn Itaba”.

Denonym of the people of Teba

The inhabitants are called “tebeño or tebeña“.

Monuments and places of interest in Teba

  • Castillo de la Estrella (Castle of the Star): Built in the 13th century by the Almohads with later extensions and modifications. With its walled area of ​​25,000 square meters, it was one of the largest castles in Malaga. The castle with its 18 towers was of great importance in the Guadalteba region to defend its population from invasions. Currently the tower houses the Museum-Interpretation Center “Una Crusade en el Guadalteba”.Castle of the Star Teba Malaga
  • Museum Castillo de la Estrella: Museum housed in the Castle Tower. It is a space dedicated to the history of the fortress and the evolution of the reconquest of the area, but especially to the battle of Teba in 1330 where the Scottish knight Sir James Douglas died.Museum Castle of the Star Teba Malaga
  • Portico of the house of Eugenia de Montijo: Spouse of Napoleon III, Empress of France and Countess of Teba. The portico was part of the currently collapsed palace on Calle Grande that was the residence of the Counts of Teba. The style of the portico is proto-baroque from the 17th century. The cover was restored by the Municipal Workshop in 2007 and is currently located in the Plaza de la Constitución. Portico Condess Eugenia de Montijo Teba Malaga
  • Church of Santa Cruz Real: Built between 1699 and 1715 to replace the previous church that was located in the Castillo de la Estrella. The 8 columns of 8 meters of reddish marble that come from the quarries of Teba stand out in this temple.
  • Municipal Museum of Teba: It is an archaeological museum inaugurated in 2000 that was the Ancient Archaeological Hall of Teba. In the mid-70s a room was created on a private initiative by collecting archaeological objects by a group of friends and neighbors of the town. Currently the collection has pieces and objects found in the cave of the doves from the Neolithic period, Roman objects and objects from the Iberian peoples.
  • Teba Parish Museum
  • Monument to Sir James Douglas: Sir James Douglas died during the Battle of Teba. King Robert I of Scotland, his comrade-in-arms, asked as his last will that James take his heart to the Holy Land in Jerusalem. On their way they joined the crusade initiated by King Alfonso XI against the Muslims in the Battle of Teba. James Douglas unaware of enemy tactics, died in combat during a surprise attack caused by the Berber tactic called “torna e fuye” which consists of fleeing but ending up quickly encircling the enemies attacking. Douglas passed away with much of his knights on August 25, 1330.Monument Sir James Douglas Teba Malaga
  • Cave de las Palomas (Cave of the doves): It is located approximately 5km from Castillo de la Estrella. It is a cave of great archaeological importance, it is the most important in the area of the Tajo del Molino or Río de la Venta. In the cave they have found a large number of objects that belong to the Neolithic, now studies are investigating whether there was already a human presence in the Paleolithic. Currently the cave is closed to the public to carry out these investigations.
  • Hermitage of the Rosary
  • Hermitage of Carmen
  • Hermitage of Nuestro Padre Jesús
  • Hermitage of San Isidro Labrador

Where to eat in Teba

Mesón de Diego: Located 8 km from the village on the road A-367 Km 5.5. A roadside restaurant with a daily menu for 11 euros with a good price-quality ratio. There is plenty of parking, they also offer breakfast, sandwiches, tapas and mixed dishes.

For more information about Teba Village: visit the City Council page