Benahavis Village Town Malaga


Benahavís, a white town of Arab origin that finds the perfect balance of traditional Malaga architecture, golf, gastronomy and tourism.

The historic center of the town is not very extensive; but its traditional narrow streets of the Arab layout transport visitors to the past of Al-Andalus, the time when the foundation of the town of Benahavís originates.

Benahavís is more than a charming town, it is a culinary reference on the Costa del Sol. A dozen restaurants offer a wide variety of traditional and international cuisine with several prestigious chefs with Michelin stars. The town has become a place where future cooking professionals are trained through the Benahavís Sabor a Málaga School, which has been winning national and international awards.

The surroundings of the town of Benahavís offer a wide range of excellent golf courses, some of them are among the best on the Costa del Sol. The area offers dozens of courses that also have the added value of the amazing views of the mountains and its nature, which together with the Mediterranean climate create a perfect combination to enjoy this great outdoor sport.

Where is Benahavís located

Benahavís is located 80km from Malaga capital with a population of 8.089 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 145km square.

The origin of the name Benahavís

The name comes from an ancient Berber tribe called “Banu Habis” who took possession of these lands. Another theory is that the word “Ben” means son in Arabic and “Havis” who was the lord who controlled the region and lived in the Castle of Montemayor.

Denonym of the people from Benahavís

The inhabitants are called “Benahavileño or Benahavileña”.

Where to park in Benahavis

Many streets in the historic center of the town are pedestrianised, so we recommend parking on the outskirts. We recommend parking on Avenida de Andalucía or Avenida Fiscal Luis Portero García, otherwise there is a public car park next to the local police.Parking Publico Benahavis Malaga

Monuments and places of interest in Benahavís 

  • Montemayor Castle: The 10th century ruin is located three kilometers from the main town. This fortification was of great importance during the Al-Andalus era due to its strategic value and broad vision of the coast and Africa. Currently part of its walls and its tower called Torre de la Reina are still preserved.
  • Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario: The temple in the center of the town dates back to the 18th century. In its origins it was a school-chapel in order to educate the child population in the rural area. The building has been subjected to many reforms, the last one in 2005 at the hands of the Architect Don Antonio Herrezuelo.Church Virgen del Rosario Benahavis Malaga
  • Torre Leoneras: Very well preserved watchtower. It is located in the Torre Leoneras Park. Built during the Nasrid period, part of the defensive line of the area and the castle of Montemayor. Its function consisted in the surveillance of strategic points where the Christian troops could invade.Torre de la Leonera Benahavis Pueblo Malaga
  • Torre de la Leonera Park: Located at the entrance of the town. Large quiet park with many trees, ponds, a waterfall, and also some benches and tables for picnics. It has a fenced enclosure with loose rabbits for children to enjoy these small rodents. The maintenance of the garden, the bushes, the lawn and the general park is very good. In the park you can find the Torre Leonera. There is plenty of parking next to the park.Parque Torre de la Leonera Benahavis Pueblo Malaga
  • Torre Vigías de Benahavís: Part of a the Al-Andalus defensive system, there are a large number of towers around the town, such as the Daidín, Campanillas, Tramores, Estéril and Benamarin towers.
  • Staircase “La Subida”: A work of art created in 2020. The old staircase has become a typical Andalusian ceramic mural with the image of the façade of the old town hall. Next to the heraldic shield of the Village.Staircase La Subida Benahavis Malaga
  • Calle Málaga: One of the main streets of the village full of restaurants and cozy terraces. It is a pedestrian street with a typical Andalusian Malaga atmosphere for its authentic little houses.Calle Malaga Benahavis
  • Hermitage Nuestra Señora del Rosario: Located on the A-7175, 2 minutes from the town. The hermitage built in 2002 is located in the park where a second-hand market is held every Sunday morning. Architecturally, the hermitage has all the characteristics of a traditional Malaga hermitage.Ermita Virgen del Rosario Benahavis Malaga
  • Plaza del Castillo: Located in the historic centre of the town. A traditional and typical square of a Malaga town full of pots, flowers and palm trees. Several restaurants and bars complete the square to enjoy this traditional environment.Plaza del Castillo Benahavis Malaga
  • Plaza Mirador: The plaza mirador is a new construction from the year 2022 that is located above the new Benahavís local police headquarters located at the entrance of the town, a modern square with fountains overlooking the mountains.Plaza Mirador Policia Local Benahavis Pueblo Malaga
  • Crystal balcony viewpoint: The crystal balcony is located in the viewpoint square. Above a waterfall is the transparent balcony with views of the mountains. A small attraction for those who do not have vertigo.Mirador Balcon Transparente Malaga Benahavis
  • Angosturas Canyon: Located on the A-7175. It is one of the most beautiful corners of the province of Malaga. The crystal clear water of the Guadalmina River flows and runs through the Angosturas (meaning narrow) forming spectacular gorges and wells for bathing. The Charco de las Mozas is the best known and most popular for bathers. It is recommended to wear water shoes.
  • Angosturas Bridge: Both sides of the river have been connected since 2014 by a wooden bridge. The bridge of Asturian origin, 37 meters long and 2 meters wide, joins the Viewpoint de las Tres Pérgolas with the path of La Acequia de Benahavís.


For more information about Benahavís Village: visit the City Council page