Algarrobo Town Village Malaga


Algarrobo divided between the old town and coast, but together rich in history, leisure and culture, becoming a great attraction for tourism.

Where is Algarrobo located

Algarrobo is located 42km from Malaga capital with a population of 6.444 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 9.7km square.

Origin of the name Algarrobo

Algarrobo (Carob) is a native tree of the Mediterranean region.

Demonym of the people  of Algarrobo

The inhabitants of the village are called “Algarrobeño or Algorrobeña“.

Monuments and places of interest in Algarrobo

Algarrobo Pueblo

  • Iglesia de Santa Ana: The origin of the temple dates end of the 16th century or the beginning of the 17th century. The parish created in 1505 under the name of “Parroquia de Santa María de Algarrobo, Salares y Menscalera”, but currently dedicated to the invocation of Santa Ana.
    During the reconquest, the Muslims, fleeing from possible invasions that they could suffer, moved to what was the primitive settlement of the town, which was mainly Iberian and Phoenician. Once they settled in the valley that today houses the municipality, as was frequent in towns and farms, the houses were located around the mosque, giving rise to what is currently the historic center of the town.
    When the Christians conquered the Axarquía area, the mosques were destroyed, and churches were built on the sites. During the Moorish uprising in 1568 that strongly hit all the localities of the Axarquía, the rebels attacked the churches, destroying and setting fire to most of the temples, including the Algarrobo church that had to be rebuilt. For this reason the church has various foundation dates.
    The modern Church has a Latin cross plan and consists of three naves. The lateral naves communicate with the main one through semicircular arches that rest on rectangular pillars with their chamfered corners with Renaissance influence.Iglesia de Santa Ana Algarrobo Malaga
  • Hermitage of San Sebastián: The hermitage dates from the 16th century, the current building is a construction from 1976, being a 100 meter replica of the old one that was completely demolished due to its state of ruin. The hermitage was complemented with beautiful gardens that today make it a must-see.
  • Hermitage of Las Angustia: This hermitage is a charming little monument that has been very well preserved to this day. It is tradition that the brides of the town will take their bouquet of flowers there. Currently it is dedicated to the Virgen de las Angustias, the Marian image is adorned with flowers, turning this corner into one of the charming places in Algarrobo.
  • FountainFontain Algarrobo Pueblo Malaga

Algarrobo Costa

  • Torre Ladeada: It is a tower built by the Christians after the reconquest. It has a perimeter of 23 meters and about 10 meters high. The tower has an inclination of about 18º because its foundations are shallow.Tower Ladeada Algarrobo Malaga
  • Right or New Tower: The “New Tower” or “Right Tower” is a fort from the 16th century. It is called the right/new tower because it is build later than the tilted tower that is in front.New Tower Algarrobo Malaga
  • Phoenician Settlements: Trayamar is a Phoenician necropolis dating from the 7th century BC, and the site of Morro de Mezquitilla originating in the 9th century, located on the right bank of the Algarrobo river. 

Where to eat and drink in Algarrobo

Dolce Vita Ice Cream Parlor: Located on the seafront, this ice cream parlor offers good and creamy ice creams with a terrace on the promenade. We loved the bathrooms in the place which has a comic-book decor.

For more information about Algarrobo Village: visit the City Council page