Parauta Town Village Malaga


White village and homeland of Omar Ben Hafsún nestled among chestnut trees make this place a perfect fall photograph.

Where is Parauta located

Parauta is located 110km from Malaga capital with a population of 251 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 44Km square.

Origin of the name Parauta

The origin of the name of the town comes from “Hisn Autha” that in the area propably would be a castle or tower.

Gentilicio of Parauta

The inhabitants are called “Parauteño or Parauteña”.

Curiosities about Parauta

  • In autumn the chestnut trees in the region stain orange, turning the region into “the copper forest”
  • The only church in town venerates the Virgin of Inmaculada Concepción when her patron is the Virgen del Rosario.
  • The church bells have different sounds that the neighbors nickname “Tín y Tán“.

Monuments and places of interest in Parauta 

  • The Church of the Immaculate Conception: The temple was built in the 16th century in a  latin cross-shaped on the site of an old mosque. Its Mudejar style tower has two bells with different sounds. Inside there is a wooden image of San Pascual de Bailón and a Virgen Dolorosa dating from the 18th century. A peculiarity of the church is that the main door is on the side of the church instead of at the foot of the point of the latin-cross.Church Purísima Concepción Parauta
  • Holm oak Valdecilla
  • Monument Omar Ben Hafsún: Sculpture made by Diego Guerrero of Omar Ben Hafsún that was a rebel leader during the final period of the Andalusian emirate that lasted from 756 to 929. A muladí, a descendant of the Hispano-Gothic nobility who converted to Islam to enjoy the same rights as Muslims. Later he settled in the fortress of Bobastro and managed to put in check several Umayyad emirs. Finally he converts to Christianity, which is why the Spanish historiography of the 19th century elevates him to the category of hero. Read more…Monument Sculpture of Omar Ben Hafsun Parauta
  • Monument to agriculture: Located in the Cristóbal González square behind the church. Tribute to the cultivators and field laborers with a poem by Cicero: “of all the occupations by which gain is secured, none is better than agriculture, none more profitable, none more delightful, none more becoming to a free man.”.

    Monument Agriculture Ciceron Parauta

  • Fuente de la Alquería: Fountain-Source located at the entrance of the town. We do not know the exact date of its construction but we do know the importance of this source to supply water to the town before running water. The vaulted covered fountain composed of a quadrangular pond measuring two meters on a side formerly had a trough to quench the thirst of cattle. The latter was also used as a public laundry, although there are no remains of this and in its place there is a large fir tree watered by the same source.Fountain de la Alqueria Parauta

Where to eat and drink in Parauta

Mesón El Anafe: Restaurant in the center of the village. Good and extensive menu with local meats and regional dishes such as venison with chestnut and wild boar with mushroom sauce. The very traditional restaurant with a cozy terrace and very pleasant staff. The dishes have an average price of around 10 euros but are abundant and of good quality.Restaurant El Anafe Eat in Parauta

For more information about Parauta Village: visit the City Council page