Alameda that borders with the province of Córdoba where the spirit of one of the most famous bandits lives on along the “El Tempranillo” route.

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Alcuacin Village


Alcaucín located at the foot of the Sierra de Tejada from where the water that flows to the numerous fountains & sources of the village.

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Alfarnate Village Town Malaga


Alfarnate between mountains and cherry trees, of Arab origin, the old Camino Real to Granada, bandit legends create a magical combination.

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Algarrobo Town Village Malaga


Algarrobo divided between the old town and coast, but together rich in history, leisure and culture, becoming a great attraction for tourism.

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Algatocin Village


Algatocín located in the Genal Valley offers a great peace of nature with numerous rural accommodations, campsites and hiking routes.

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Almachar Village Malaga


White village in the Axarquía baptized as the capital of the muscat grape and where the traditional soup from Malaga originated: el ajoblanco.

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Almargen Town Village Malaga


Almargen, a village that borders the provinces of Seville and Cádiz where archaeological finds originate 5000 years ago.

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Almogia Street Town Village


Almogía Village a relaxing walk through its streets full of flowers and its views over the mountains of Malaga that should be compulsory therapy for anyone.

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Alora Village Town Malaga


Álora, a white village full of cultural and historical heritage throughout. Its castle and its old town is proof of this great past.

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Alozaina Village Malaga


Alozaina town, part of the Sierra de las Nieves in Malaga where the Mozarabic spirit and the legend of María Sagredo lives on.

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Archez Village Town Malaga


Árchez, a white town with Moorish and Mudejar roots like the Torre Alminar that will take you to a great past of this small town.

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Archidona Town Village Malaga


Archidona, an ancient city located in the center of Andalusia that surprises with its architecture and with its historical-artistic buildings.

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Arenas Village Town Malaga


Arenas, a town with a great history and tradition that is reflected in the ruins of the Bentomiz castle and in the anually mule fair.

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Ardales Town Village Malaga


Ardales, a white town with its castle, old town, caves, dam, el chorro and el Caminito del Rey, an authentic wonder.

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Arriate Town Village


Arriate, a beautiful village surrounded by the mountains of Ronda, with a curious history of independence and where traditions are preserved.

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Atajate Dorp Malaga


What to visit in Atajate? A white charming village within the Genal Valley, where tranquility and rural tourism reign.

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Benaojan Town Village Malaga


Benaoján, a village located in a privileged place in the Sierra de Grazalema where its large caves are a delight for its visitors.

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El Borge Town Malaga

El Borge

El Borge, a white village located between two mountains that creates a spectacular valley where the raisin is the star of the village.

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El Burgo Village Town Malaga

El Burgo

El Burgo, a white village surrounded by the surroundings of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, an odyssey for nature and hiking lovers.

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Cartajima Village Town Malaga


Cartajima, white village in the Genal Valley where gastronomy and hiking trails stand out, along with its copper forest in the fall.

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Casabermeja Village Malaga


Casabermeja, the town where the dead are buried standing … recite poems in the cemetery … and light torches to remember their deceased.

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Casares Village Town Malaga


The Castle of Casares watches over the picturesque white streets where the Andalusian spirit is kept alive in Blas Infante’s hometown.

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Coin Village Malaga


Coín is one of the large towns in the province located in The Guadalhorce Valley, its old town and its stately homes are worth visiting.

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Colmenar Town Village


Colmenar, a white village in the Axarquía in the heart of the Montes de Málaga. Its historical economy was fundamentally wine and honey.

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Comares Town Malaga


Comares, one of the white villages par excellence where its fortress, narrow streets, white houses where its Mudejar architecture stands out.

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Competa Town Village Malaga


Cómpeta, a white village in the heart of the Axarquía where the vineyards produce the Muscat grape for the traditional sweet Malaga wine.

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Cútar Village Town Malaga


Cútar, beautiful white village located on a hillside. The whiteness of its streets and center of Arab origin makes it a jewel of the Axarquia

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Estepona Town Village Malaga


Estepona captivates with its historic center, its squares, fabulous beaches and the decoration of plants along its traditional streets.

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Fuengirola Town Village Malaga


Fuengirola in the heart of the Costa del Sol. From a humble fishing village to an exemplary city dedicated to tourism without losing its charm.

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Gaucin Town Village Malaga


Gaucín, the white beauty of its streets does not leave any visitor indifferent. The town offers all kinds of tourism just a step away from the popular Costa del Sol.

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Guaro Town Village Malaga


Guaro, a white village in the Sierra de las Nieves that enchants its visitors during the Moorish moon with the lighting of 25,000 candles.

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Igualeja Village Malaga Source


Igualeja, a hidden gem in the heart of the Serranía de Ronda where the Genal river rises, transforming the town as if it were an aquatic paradise.

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Istan Town Village Malaga


Istán stunned by its own beauty of the valley where the soul of the heroine Juana de Escalante is still felt in its picturesque streets.

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Iznate Village Town Malaga


Iznate, a labyrinth of streets of Arab origin create a beautiful white village surrounded by olive and almond trees and hundreds of vineyards

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Jubrique Town Village Malaga


Jubrique located and surrounded by the beauty and green landscape of the Genal Valley, where the tradition is the production of aguardiente.

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Juzcar Town Village Malaga


Júzcar known worldwide as the Smurf Village but this town has much more to offer than the color blue, a traditional village with history.

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Manilva Village Town Malaga


Manilva has the elements to surprise any visitor, from the joy that its coast offers to the tranquility of its village.

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Marbella Town Village Malaga


Marbella world famous for its luxury and its Puerto Banús, but without losing the historical charm of its old town.

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Mijas Town Village Malaga


Mijas one of the main beautiful white villages, without forgetting its coastal area full of life and joy in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

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Mollina Town Village Malaga


Mollina, where its vineyards produce most of Malaga’s wine and where Christmas is lived all year round in its famous Nativity Scene Museum.

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Monda Town Village Malaga


Monda, a white town that with its castle, its views, its gastronomy and its history create a perfect combination for a great visit.

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Nerja Town Village Malaga


Nerja with its beaches, caves, views, old town, charming squares … has all the elements of Malaga to be one of the most charming towns.

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Ojen Town Village Malaga


White town that watches over the coast of Marbella from the mountain, where a walk through the caves and a glass of aguardiente are tradition.

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Parauta Town Village Malaga


White village and homeland of Omar Ben Hafsún nestled among chestnut trees make this place a perfect fall photograph.

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Periana Town Village Malaga


Periana, a village at the foot of the Sierra Alhama dedicated to the agricultural exploitation and cultivation of olive trees in the highlands of the Axarquía.

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Pizarra Town Village Malaga


Pizarra, in the heart of the Guadalhorce Valley, a modern town with charms of the past surrounded by its mountains guarded by its Christ.

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Pujerra Town Village Malaga


Pujerra, a town surrounded by the orange color of chestnuts trees in autumn where the legend of the Visigoth King Wamba lives on.

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Riogordo Town Village Malaga


Riogordo, a town surrounded and embraced by the tranquility of its mountains where the perfect trails reign to enjoy nature.

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Ronda Pueblo Ciudad Malaga


Ronda a magical city divided between its old town and modern nucleus by its majestic and spectacular bridge.

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Salares Town Village Malaga


A white village of the Axarquia of Arab origin where its streets and minaret is a jewel of the Mudejar route.

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Sayalonga Town Village Malaga


Sayalonga, the medlar paradise, its Arab past is shown in the narrow streets and white houses highlighting its peculiar cemetery.

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Sedella Town Village Malaga


Sedella, a white village in the Axarquia part of the Mudejar Route where its streets and mosaics take you to an Arab past.

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Serrato Village Malaga


Serrato, is the last village to achieve its independence, thus constituting in 2014, the municipality number 103 in the province.

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Teba Town Village Malaga


Teba, the town embraced by the soul of the Scottish knight Sir James Douglas who died in battle at the foot of the Castle of the Star.

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Tolox Town Village Malaga


Tolox, surrounded by rivers and mountains of the Sierra de Nieves creates a perfect environment where nature joins tradition and hospitality.

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Totalan Town Village Malaga


Totalán, a white village in Axarquía, where the raisin route crosses the land where the great flamenco singer Antonio Molina was born.

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Torrox Town Village Malaga


Where is Torrox located  Torrox is located 51km from Malaga capital with a population of 17.234 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost…

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Viñuela Village Malaga


La Viñuela, a beautiful white village in the Axarquia noted for its large reservoir that supplies the region and offers aquatic leisure.

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Yunquera Town Village Malaga


Yunquera, a charming white village of the Sierra de Las Nieves where the story of Blessed Juan Duarte leaves no one indifferent.

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