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Mijas: Walking Tours

The lovely hillside town of Mijas (pronounced Mee-hass) nestles 429 metres above the Mediterranean Sea and has unbeatable views of the Costa del Sol. Mijas Walkings Tours offers a two and a half hours route with an english guide.

With its narrow cobbled streets, white-walled houses and famous donkey taxis, Mijas pueblo is a visitor’s delight and many people return time after time having fallen for its charms. Unless there is a major event, Mijas pueblo is rarely crowded, leaving lots of space to meander its streets and explore the many artesan shops. The 17th century sanctuary, 18th century hillside hermitage and a quirky  bullring that isn’t even round (no longer in use) are amongst the visual highlights.Visit Mijas Pueblo Malaga

Until the arrival of tourism in the 1960s, Mijas was one of the poorest municipalities in Spain. Indeed there was no electricity supply until the late 1930s. Nowadays however, the village is thriving, in full recovery from the effects of Covid which left it virtually without tourists for a couple of years.Mijas Pueblo Walking Tour

Mijas has a rich and varied history and you can learn much of this with Mijas Walking Tours. Englishman Alan Boardman, a resident of Mijas for 18 years, takes you on a two and a half hour stroll around the village, sharing his extensive knowledge of Mijas and the wider area, together with little-known secrets and amusing anecdotes. There is a suggested minimum donation of just five euros with all donations going to local charities. Last year over 3500 euros was raised. The Tours operate all year except in January, July and August.

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To book, please contact Alan by WhatsApp on 0034 6105 22605 or visit the Facebook page Mijas Walking Tours for more information.