El Burgo Village Town Malaga

El Burgo

El Burgo, a white village surrounded by the surroundings of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, an odyssey for nature and hiking lovers.

Where is El Burgo located

El Burgo is located 70km from Malaga capital with a population of 1.800 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 118,35km square.

The origin of the name of El Burgo

The origin of the name of the town is uncertain.

There are several theories:

  • Some believe it comes from the Greek word “Purgos” which means tower.
  • Another that comes from the Germanic etymology “Barugs”.
  • El Burgo derives from the Arabic word “El Borch”, which is also equivalent to the word “tower”.

Denonym of the people of El Burgo

The inhabitants are called “burgueño or burgueña”.

Monuments and places of interest in El Burgo

  • Our Lady of the Incarnation: The temple dates from the 16th century and was built on top of an old mosque that belonged to the fortress. The church is made up of three naves separated by pillars. The central nave stands out for its wooden ceiling. Inside it houses the images of Our Lady of the Incarnation, Saint Augustine, Virgin of Sorrows and Our Father Jesus.Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario El Burgo Malaga
  • Church of San Agustín: The temple located on Calle Enmedio was built between 1950 and 1952. The church was built on the site of two old houses and the priest’s patio was built on the site of an old mill that was no longer profitable at the time. During the post-war years, economic funds were scarce, donations and collaboration were requested from the bourgeois to be able to build the roof of the church. The idea was not to replace the Church of the Incarnation but to facilitate access to the elderly and those with walking difficulties. When the church was inaugurated on April 27, 1952, the priest’s house had not yet been completed and in that place two 12-year-old children were playing and they found a “metal ball with a ring”, the children pulled the ring and died. one of them and another badly wounded. We highlight from the church its altarpiece, the heart of Jesus above the bell tower, San Agustín, La Virgen de Fátima, San José and the Crucified.
  • Monument to Bandit Pasos LargosMonumento Bandolero Pasos Largos El Burgo Malaga
  • Puente Nuevo, New bridgePuento Nuevo El Burgo Malaga
  • FountainFuente de la Villa El Burgo

For more information about El Burgo Village: visit the City Council page