Best things to do in Nerja

Nerja is located in the Axarquía region next to the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the most visited places in the province of Malaga. Nerja has several beaches that can be considered the best beaches on the Costa del Sol. Here is a list of things not to miss when visiting Nerja.


The Nerja Caves are a must for anyone visiting the province of Malaga. A cave 5 kilometers long with more than five million years formed by the dripping of the water circulating through cracks. The cave holds a Guinness record as it has the largest column in the world with a height of 32 meters, a record unbeaten since 1989.


The most emblematic place in Nerja. It is a boulevard with a park that ends in a beautiful viewpoint over the Mediterranean Sea. Its original name is Paseo de la batería, but after the 1884 earthquake, King Alfonso XII visited the site and called it the Balcony of Europe. It is an ideal place for a romantic walk, taking pictures or relaxing by the sea.


Chanquete is a character from the 1981 Spanish Verano Azul series that was filmed in the town of Nerja and its surroundings. A replica of Chanquete’s boat has been installed in the Verano Azul Park. The original ship from the series was simply a set that was taken apart after filming. In 2001, the municipality bought an old fishing boat to recreate La Dorada. For the people who watched the series as a child, this place gives a wonderful nostalgic feeling.


The municipal museum is the ideal place to learn in detail the history of Nerja and its surroundings. The tour explains Nerja’s rich history through information panels, videos, models and collectibles. It will solve big questions for you, like how big is Nerja cave? Why is there such a large aqueduct in the region? What is garum? It is a mandatory visit if you want to get to know the area well. There is a combined ticket Museum + Cave of Nerja.


In the 19th century, the cultivation and industrialization of sugar cane was of great importance in the Malaga region. This production requires large amounts of water, for which an aqueduct was built in the 19th century to lead the water to the mills of the old sugar factory in San Joaquín de Maro. Restoration works started in 2010, it is currently impressive to visit this civil construction of more than 40 meters high.


The maro tower is a watchtower with a height of almost 12 meters built in the 16th century to guard and protect the coast and the fishermen of the area against pirates who came from North Africa. The tower can be accessed from the N-340 road and it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk. From where the tower stands you have one of the most spectacular views of the coast in the province of Malaga.


Maro beach is located 60 kilometers from the center of Malaga, it is one of the most beautiful bays and beaches in Spain. The water of the beach is calm and crystal clear blue. The beach is thick sand, thanks to the crystal clear water you can enjoy the fish and corals. On the beach you can rent a kayak with a guide who will take you to the area and the Maro waterfall.


Located on Paseo Burriana 15 on Burriana Beach. An emblematic beach bar more than half a century old that features in the Verano Azul series filmed in the Nerja region in the 1980s. The owner Ayo starred in the series and currently cooks the most famous paella in Malaga. The paella prepared in a gigantic paella pan with a wood fire. No need to book paella, they always have a plate ready to serve!


The river flows through the municipalities of Nerja, Cómpeta and Frigliana with a length of 17 kilometers. The river is well known to lovers of hiking and nature. The chillar river route goes through water, it is a path that is very refreshing in the summer. It is a route of medium difficulty that requires sturdy footwear, the start of the route is easier. The route is free. Respect the fauna and flora at all times.