Best things to do in Mijas Pueblo Malaga

Best thing to do in Mijas Pueblo

Welcome to Mijas Pueblo, one of the most visited towns in the province of Malaga. Its streets of white houses and small charming shops captivate any tourist. The entire town of Mijas has dozens of streets, shops, bars, restaurants, squares and gardens, but below we are going to leave you a short tour and guide so that you do not miss the most emblematic monuments and the most unique corners of Mijas.

Town Hall Square Mijas Pueblo


Every visit to Mijas generally begins in the main square next to the town hall where the bus stop, public parking, donkey-taxi and horse-drawn carriages are located. If you have the opportunity and the town hall is open, they try to look out to see the beautiful traditional interior patio with its arches and central fountain that was built in 1987.

Monument Donkey Taxi Mijas Pueblo Malaga


Next to the town hall there is a statue and tribute to the emblematic donkey-taxi that has always been a great tradition for the town of Mijas. Donkey-taxi trips through the town bring with them a certain controversy between institutions and organizations for animal welfare; debate on which we do not want to take a position. What we do know is that this monument ensures a very original photo for your travel album. Be careful when it is very sunny and hot, as the monument is made of metal and can burn your legs.

Square Virgen de la Peña Mijas Pueblo


In front of the town hall is the main square of the town where daily life takes place, children play and activities are carried out during the town festivities and other events throughout the year. In this square you can enjoy the shops and typical restaurants. From this meeting point you can also hire horse-drawn carriage rides and donkey-taxi rides through the town.

Hermitage Chapel Virgen de la Peña Mijas


Next to the square there is a viewpoint over the coast with a peculiar and curious hermitage since it was excavated in the rock of the mountain in 1548 by some friars. According to legend and tradition, it is said that the Virgin appeared within the walls of the old castle in the year 1586. This type of apparitions arose more and more in the area after the expulsion of the Muslims and the repopulation by the Christians. The balcony of the hermitage serves as a viewpoint over the coast of Benalmádena and Fuengirola.

Carromato Max Miniature Museum Mijas


Near the Plaza de la Virgen de la Ermita there is an old flour mill next to a peculiar yellow wagon. Its interior houses one of the most curious museums in the province. The wagon has been converted into a museum of miniatures, highlighting a “Burro de Mijas” painted on a grain of rice or President Abraham Lincoln painted on the head of a pin. (Paid visit).

Bull Arena in Mijas Pueblo


Going up the Plaza de la Constitución is the bullring built in 1900 at the request of the neighbors, the construction was not an easy task. Due to the geographical conditions, the ring of the square has the peculiarity that its construction

Church Chapel San Sebastian Mijas Pueblo


Located on Calle San Sebastián in the heart of the town. Built in the seventeenth century in 1672 on the ruins of an old church. Its white facade painted with lime, the Sierra de Mijas in the background and the picturesque street that surrounds it, make this place the most photographed place in Mijas Pueblo.

Hermitage Chapel Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Mijas


In the neighborhood of Santa Ana you will find this beautiful traditional square with one of the most beautiful hermitages in the province known as “The Church of Santa Ana”. In front of the hermitage you will find the Siete Caños fountain. This fountain was built in 1632, but over the centuries it was walled up; thanks to the stories of the older neighbors it was found again and restored. The typical streets, the hermitage, the square and the fountain are perfect for learning about traditional Malaga architecture.

Castle Walls and Gardens Mijas Pueblo


The walls belong to the remains of the old fortress that overlooked the balcony of Mijas. Today it has become a beautiful viewpoint and an ideal place to take walks through a botanical garden with hundreds of plants and trees. There are multiple benches to rest and enjoy the views over Mijas Costa and Fuengirola.

Hermitage Chapel Calvario in Mijas Pueblo


At the top of the Sierra de Mijas you can see a small hermitage that stands out over the town. The hermitage was built in 1710 by Carmelite monks from the convent who used the small temple as a place of spiritual retreat.

The climb to the hermitage is quite intense. From the hermitage start several hiking trails of all levels. The Hermitage also has the function of a viewpoint, since the panoramic views over the town and the coast are unbeatable.

CAC Museo Arte Mijas


Contemporary Art Center, located at Calle Málaga 28. The museum opened in November 2013 located in two traditional houses from the 19th century. There are several permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions are held. The outstanding rooms are the Picasso and Dalí exhibition where they exhibit ceramic works by both artists. The museum houses more than 700 works by great artists such as Dalí, Picasso, Miró, Degrain, Belgramo, Foijita, etc. Official website


For more information about Mijas Village: visit the City Council page