Casabermeja Village and the Zambra Tower

Today we decided to go to Casabermeja town and the Zambra Tower, a town that has been attracting much attention for years since the curious cemetery can be seen from the highway and from the road it seems that the deceased are buried standing up.

Casabermeja is 25 minutes away from the center of Malaga, we take the A-45 motorway towards Granada / Córdoba / Seville. The town is next to the highway so you cant really get lost taking the motorway exit 124.

 Bull Osborne Casabermeja Malaga

It is also easy to locate because as soon as you approach the town you will see on your right the Toro de Osborne de Casabermeja, where we made our first stop to take some photos. You can go up to the bull with the car without problem. It is highly recommended to climb the bull since it does a wonderful function as a viewpoint, from this position you will be able to see the entire town.

We arrived in town at noon so we decided to eat in one of their local restaurants, we sat on the terrace of the restaurant “La Romana” where they treat us in a great way. We opted to order one of the typical regional dishes that are migas and carrillada. We ordered the migas full platter which was a success: the juicy crumbs, the tender meat and tasteful chorizo, wonderful!

Migas Restaurant La Romana Casabermeja Malaga Dish

Once we finished our meal, we went up to The Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro. From the church we can highlight its high bell tower that stands out in almost every corner of the town. On its side facade there is a beautiful cross that is decorated with flowers and decorations remaining from the “Cruz de mayo”, a festival celebrated in the month of may.

Walking up to Calle Real one of the main arteries of the town. On this climb we find a charming little square where the neighbors were gathered on the benches talking about the things of life. We also find the Municipal Ceramic Workshop Museum but for reasons of the COVID-19 it was closed just like the San Sebastián cemetery.

View Calle Real Casabermeja

Once we reached the end of Calle Real we decided to walk to the right. Walking for 10 minutes in that direction we find a rock with an easy path to climb.

Walking Path Casabermeja

Comenzamos la subida caminando con cuidado sobre las rocas con la idea de obtener unas vistas bonitas de Casabermeja. Y acertamos! Después una subida de 15 minutos conseguimos unas vistas preciosas del pueblo junto con su paisaje precioso. 

View Over Casabermeja Village Malaga

Once we enjoyed the views, we went back down town. Going down Calle Real we stopped at El Puerto Artisan Bakery to buy water, but once inside the store we were surprised by the smell of freshly baked bread and homemade sweets. So we decided to buy some sweets that were magnificent, so don’t forget to stop at this bakery.

Now we head to La Torre Zambra, a 13th century Arab watchtower, located 4 km from the town. We went by car, but we saw many people walking to the route. Once we got to the route, we left the car parked on one side and began to climb on foot.

Tower Zambra Dean Casabermeja

To get to the Zambra Tower there are two paths, the first path is easier (in yellow), wide and surrounds the top to make the journey more comfortable. The second is harder and more complicated since it goes straight to the top (in red).

We divided into two groups. Those who went the hard way arrived 10 minutes earlier but more exhausted and hot. Those who went the easier way arrived relaxed and commented that they had enjoyed the views.

After about 40 minutes we reach the top and realize that it is a cozy place to rest and enjoy the views. From this summit you can see the city of Malaga and the coast. But even more impressive is that you can see much of the province and the mountains of Malaga, and even part of Granada.

Climb to Zambra Tower Casabermeja

Going down the route of the Zambra Tower we collect around 1Kg of garbage that people have left behind, it is not much but please do not leave garbage on natural trails.

For more information about Casabermeja Pueblo: visit the City Council page