Entrance of the village Tolox

What to visit in Tolox, 24 hours visit

24 hours chilling and visiting Tolox

Within the town there are not many parking options, as most of the streets are pedestrianized. We entered the town but as soon as we saw the slopes we turned around and parked just outside the town just past the Tolox welcome sign and we walked towards the town.

We enter the town and immediately see the slopes uphill, but that is known if you go to the Sierra de las Nieves. We arrived at our La Plaza Hostel-Restaurant located in the center of Tolox next to the Local Police. Very friendly staff and very well-kept cleaning rooms and fully equipped with a bottle of water, candy, bath products, dressing gown and flip flops.

What to visit in Tolox? We begin our exploration of the old town by strolling through the narrow streets of the town where the old castle of Tolox was formerly, of which almost nothing is preserved. But it does not take away the charm that the narrow and inclined streets present to continue strolling through the houses of the town with its plants and typical Andalusian decorations.

Art in the streets of Tolox
Art in the streets of Tolox

Along with these Andalusian decorations we find urban art in its streets by the artists in the meetings organized by Art Tolox, during our walk around the town we find colorful paintings, sculptures, murals with poems and works with ingenuity that makes the walk through this village even more charming.

We advance towards the famous spa “El Balneario de Tolox” we had read about, on our way to the spa we immediately observe the Tolox valley and its nature that reflects tranquility. Once arrived at the Hotel of the Spa and the Spa itself we see that everything is closed during the winter time. We will return to the Spa during high season because it sincerely creates great curiosity.

Tolox Trail
Tolox Trail

Next to the Spa we see that it is the beginning of several hiking trails, it was already late but we decided to do the Charco de la Virgen route, we started crossing the small river and started walking into nature. After a 2.4Km path, we arrive at the Charco de la Virgen, an impressive place, since the waters of this course are precipitated by a 20m waterfall. On the way back along the linear path we find a herd of mountain goats along the trails which makes us feel even more the nature of the Sierra de las Nieves.

Returning to the town on Avenida San Roque we stopped for a beer in Cafeteria-Bar where we also ordered a typical village loin sandwich in butter, I recommend the place because the sandwich with the Alhambra beer was of good quality at a good price.

Beer with a view in Tolox

We head to Calle Polito where we see a cozy street with several terraces with views over Tolox. Before approaching the bar we see a typical kiosk with sweets and crafts created by the owner, we went to buy some candies, the owners of the quisco are from Argentina, very friendly they tell us a little about the town and the lifestyle, do not forget go buy some candy when you walk through Tolox. Opposite we find the La Alberca Restaurant-Bar, a large terrace with views over Tolox where we have a beer enjoying the sunset over the valley and the amazing views.

Street of Tolox
Street of Tolox

For dinner we checked in at Hostal La Plaza, we saw that it has a cozy restaurant right next door and we decided to have dinner inside our hostel. The service of the restaurant super pending on us if we are comfortable enough. The menu has typical local dishes and some with an Asian touch. The price of the dishes is medium-high, but the quality of the food is very good. We spoke with Chef Sergio and he tells us that he had lived several years in Thailand, something that shows in his elaboration of the dishes. The next day the breakfast was very well cared for with bread of the day, fresh charcuterie and good cheeses.

We asked where we can have a drink on a Saturday night, they tell us that there is a disco nearby but that in winter it is not open. We head to the Café-Bar V&R where we arrive at a cocktail bar where you can play pool and darts and enjoy a good atmosphere.

And here our Tolox Adventure ends, we will return for more and better! Hope this article helped you with what to visit in Tolox. Up to the next adventure!

For more information about Tolox village: visit the City Council page