Alameda that borders with the province of Córdoba where the spirit of one of the most famous bandits lives on along the “El Tempranillo” route.

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Alcuacin Village


Alcaucín located at the foot of the Sierra de Tejada from where the water that flows to the numerous fountains & sources of the village.

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Alfarnate Village Town Malaga


Alfarnate between mountains and cherry trees, of Arab origin, the old Camino Real to Granada, bandit legends create a magical combination.

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Algarrobo Town Village Malaga


Algarrobo divided between the old town and coast, but together rich in history, leisure and culture, becoming a great attraction for tourism.

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Algatocin Village


Algatocín located in the Genal Valley offers a great peace of nature with numerous rural accommodations, campsites and hiking routes.

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Almachar Village Malaga


White village in the Axarquía baptized as the capital of the muscat grape and where the traditional soup from Malaga originated: el ajoblanco.

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Almargen Town Village Malaga


Almargen, a village that borders the provinces of Seville and Cádiz where archaeological finds originate 5000 years ago.

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Almogia Street Town Village


Almogía Village a relaxing walk through its streets full of flowers and its views over the mountains of Malaga that should be compulsory therapy for anyone.

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Alora Village Town Malaga


Álora, a white village full of cultural and historical heritage throughout. Its castle and its old town is proof of this great past.

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Alozaina Village Malaga


Alozaina town, part of the Sierra de las Nieves in Malaga where the Mozarabic spirit and the legend of María Sagredo lives on.

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Archez Village Town Malaga


Árchez, a white town with Moorish and Mudejar roots like the Torre Alminar that will take you to a great past of this small town.

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Archidona Town Village Malaga


Archidona, an ancient city located in the center of Andalusia that surprises with its architecture and with its historical-artistic buildings.

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Arenas Village Town Malaga


Arenas, a town with a great history and tradition that is reflected in the ruins of the Bentomiz castle and in the anually mule fair.

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Ardales Town Village Malaga


Ardales, a white town with its castle, old town, caves, dam, el chorro and el Caminito del Rey, an authentic wonder.

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Arriate Town Village


Arriate, a beautiful village surrounded by the mountains of Ronda, with a curious history of independence and where traditions are preserved.

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Atajate Dorp Malaga


What to visit in Atajate? A white charming village within the Genal Valley, where tranquility and rural tourism reign.

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