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Bar Belga Fuengirola

You enjoy beer? And to be more specific … Do you love Belgian beer? Well, we have found a Belgian Bar named “Bar Belga”, a cozy and family runned bar in the heart and center of Fuengirola that you cannot miss.

Created in 1998, Bar Belga makes this place a must when you pass through Fuengirola.

Located on the street or boulevard “Lamo de espinosa” below the Hotel PYR and next to the Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola; in the heart of the city. There is no better starting point to start the night!

Welcome to the Belgian Bar where Marc and Manon will welcome you to this cozy little bar. Both are lovers of the United States and this is reflected in the decoration of the bar, which we could say is a mix between beer from Belgium, Baseball and Route 66 from the United States.

The bar terrace has a peculiar touch compared to other terraces. Formed by typical Belgian windbreaks and separated by wooden pillars; all created, designed and varnished by Marc by hand. The bar music is the classics of the 50s, 60s and 70s that are not heard so often anymore.

The bar offers numerous Belgian-style beers from the most typical beers such as Hoegaarden, Leffe, Duvel and Jupiler beers to the most difficult to find outside of Belgium or high quality beers such as Trappist and Abbey beers. Bar Belga has the widest variety of beer in the city.

Bar Belga always makes a great effort to import beers from small regions and from small local breweries, personally visiting each year different breweries in Belgium and at the Horeca Expo in Ghent; In order to get to know new beers and bring them so that their clients can taste them and enjoy them on their terrace, any given afternoon with the pleasant sea breeze on the Costa del Sol.

Perhaps you have not visited the Belgian Bar yet, but you have visited the Belgian House at the Fuengirola International Fair, since Marc and Manon along with their family are the ones who organize this house every year. Thus bringing to Fuengirola, their adopted city, a little bit of his native land and sharing with all its wonderful belgian customs.

During the football tournaments of the World Cup and the European Cup, the bar becomes the meeting point for Belgians where they cheer on the Belgian team to victory, creating a great atmosphere in the bar.

You know, if on your next visit or walk through Fuengirola, you fancy a Belgian beer on a cozy terrace with good music in a family atmosphere… don’t forget to visit this incredible bar.

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