Waterfall of Jorox Malaga Alozaina

Alozaina: Jorox Waterfall

Are you looking for a place to bathe and cool off for free in Malaga? We guide you to a beautiful place 10 minutes from the town of Alozaina where you will find one of the unique corners of the Sierra de la Nieves region with the most variety of landscapes in the area and even the province of Malaga.

Jorox is a small village of about twenty-five inhabitants that is located next to the A-366 highway a few kilometers from Alozaina. In the area, the abundance of water that flows through dozens of ditches in the village stands out, coming from the source of the Jorox River that ends in the Charco de la Caldera. The ravines, rocks, crystal clear water and waterfall make the Jorox valley a place for active tourism, highlighting hiking and canyoning.

At the entrance to the access to the village there are a dozen car parks, if not, there are several spaces further along next to the only restaurant in the village, the Venta-Bar Rivita, which offers tapas and portions at good prices.

The singular corner that hides this beautiful village is the Cascada del Charco de la caldera. A beautiful waterfall where you can go canyoning or take a cool bath. It is important to keep in mind that in times of extreme heat or in the summer season it is possible to find the waterfall with little or no water. The most recommended date to visit the place is in the spring or end of summer.

The access to the waterfall is not very well signposted and the path is of medium difficulty. The access is located in the first curve on the descent towards the village. The path to the waterfall is relatively short and can be reached in around 10-15 minutes. The difficulty is found on the slopes of the slopes with sandy soil and with the possibility of slipping. These slopes are not pleasant on the way up for people not used to hiking.

The Jorox Waterfall is a place where the natural environment prevails without being a tourist attraction exploited in order to attract hundreds of people. It is a relatively small pond with no camping areas or leisure facilities. It is recommended to bring water shoes and plenty of water to drink.

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