Rent a Car Airport Malaga

How to Rent a Car at Malaga airport

How and where to rent a car in Malaga? To be able to visit and enjoy the 103 villages that the province has, you will need to rent a car in Malaga. Having your own car during your holidays will evoid to waste any minute, and be able to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Generally, companies dedicated to the world of Rent a Car do not have a good reputation for various reasons: They offer extra services, use tactics considered deceptive or abusive, or make surprise charges later. But like everything in life, it cannot be generalized.

On many occasions, misunderstandings and confusion occur due to not knowing or reading the conditions of the companies well. Below we will explain the details to take into account when renting a car to avoid all kinds of surprises.

How to make the reservation

Direct: Making a direct reservation through the website of the rental company has certain advantages, since, if you want to make changes for the company, it is easier, more agile and for the client more comfortable.

Indirect: There are multiple pages, search engines or airlines that offer rental cars. The downside of this method is that making last minute modifications is generally impossible, or carries an additional cost.

Attention that there are companies that do not accept the reservation without a boarding pass.

Where to pick up the car

At Malaga airport there are dozens of rental companies both inside or outside the airport.

Check well before where your company is located since for companies that are abroad it is necessary to use the courtesy bus service. Where is the Courtesy Bus stop located? The stop is located leaving the terminal, turning left 300 meters past the city buses, in a large car park, you will find the courtesy bus stop.

The rental company hours

It is very important to establish your flight, especially if the company is outside the airport. Courtesy buses use flight numbers to pick up customers at the courtesy bus stop. This way you avoid waiting longer than necessary or forgetting to pick you up.

Credit / Debit Card

In almost all the Rent a Car in Malaga they only accept payments by credit card. Beforehand, read the conditions very well to know what types of cards they accept. First if they accept Credit, Debit or both. Then see which cards the rental company accepts. They generally accept Visa or Mastercard, but there are companies that do not accept American Express or Maestro.

Excess and Deposit

The responsibility of the car is linked to a excess that is an amount of money that is blocked, withheld or taken from your bank card. This excess is used to cover possible damages caused to the rental vehicle.

Most rental companies will take out a fuel guarantee, where the price of the fuel will be retained as a deposit that will be returned in full if it is returned full.


Generally, the excess mentioned in the previous section can be eliminated by contracting the insurance in the same rental company, in such a way that you do not have to worry when something happens to the vehicle. Many brokers and intermediary pages offer additional insurance, but beware of the conditions, some have many requirements and conditions with their refund policy. These procedures can take weeks, even months.

Return of the vehicle

First of all arrive at the end time that is reflected in your rental agreement to avoid late penalties. Secondly, arrive in advance to avoid missing the plane since in high season there may be a queue for Check-out. And finally, take good care of the cleaning of the car, rather, avoid stains on the seats, sand of the beach, smoking inside the car, because it can involve a special cleaning and they are not cheap.

We recommend

From #InsideMalaga we recommend the company Wiber Rent a Car located 2 minutes outside the airport. A young Spanish company that started in 2018 in Malaga, Alicante, Valencia and Mallorca. Wiber has a modern fleet of new cars with good and competitive prices.

Wiber takes advantage of technological innovation since with its SmartCar system you can pick up the car at the airport by opening the car from your mobile phone. If you want to avoid queues and waiting in your premises, Wiber goes a step further with its WiKey system, which consists of picking up your vehicle through a vending machine.

The best thing about this Rent a Car is its All-Inclusive rate since with this option it is not necessary to leave any deposit or franchise. In the event that there is any accident or damage to the vehicle, the car would be fully insured. With this rate you will not have to worry during your vacation.

On the Trustpilot review site the company Wiber ranks in the highest positions in its sector with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 after almost 16,000 reviews. For these reasons we see Wiber as the best option to rent a car to enjoy the 103 villages in Malaga.

As you can see, renting a car in Malaga is not a difficult task if you know and pay attention to the general conditions. We leave their website to see their prices, conditions and that they can make your reservation.

Have fun and get ready to travel!